Artist Retreats and Company Residencies

As we build CTX, we are open to ideas, proposals, and feedback. As we raise money, more to come . . . .
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Be a Part of the Exchange

Solitary Retreat: $180/day, Room/board/quiet/community
This quiet respite is designed for the playwright in need of a quiet retreat away from their daily lives to give focus to writing their play(s). Includes a single dorm room with access to the spacious environs of the Frederick Gunn School campus, giving the writer the much needed unstructured time away in order to focus on their work.  Participants are welcome to engage with public events as part of the Connecticut Theatre Exchange, such as hearing other plays and joining in on curated discussions, as well as enjoying the communal atmosphere as much or as little as they so wish.
Write, Wright, and Listen:  $200/day Room/board/quiet/community/closed table read of work
Based in the tenants of the Solitary Retreat, this option culminates with a closed table read with professional actors and facilitated by either Tracy Liz Miller or Kent Burnham, Co-Artistic Directors of CTX. We aim to connect you with artists that will best serve your work. Post-reading feedback is designed with the playwright’s needs in mind, structured in a tiered format based in Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process.
Company Residency:  $180 per person/day Room/board/rehearsal space
Bring your collaborative team! Designed for the company desiring a concentrated and uninterrupted creative rehearsal session in a dedicated rehearsal studio on campus. Includes dorm housing, 3 meals a day, and use of the grounds and exercise facilities. This may include a private or public showing TBD.
Workshop, Rinse, Repeat: $TBD/day with a minimum of 3 days
This more rigorous and involved process allows for process-oriented table reads, giving the playwright opportunity to rewrite after hearing their work read aloud with a dedicated theatre-making team including a director and professional actors. This culminates in a minimally staged reading open to CTX participants and community. The length of the process will be determined with the playwright.
Specific Curated Work Sessions:  $TBD
Are you creating a piece that could benefit by collaboration with a movement choreographer? Are you needing to generate discussion with a design team to flesh out the possibilities of how your play might look in production? Do you need time with a dramaturg, investigating the world in which your play lives? CTX is open to ideas and has resources and networks to connect you with collaborators that will move your work forward.
Create Your Own Residency:  $TBD
Do you have an idea that does not fit any of these categories? Propose it to us and we will work with you to create the residency that serves you and your fantastic idea. Let’s begin the conversation . . . .